• Site Update

    After too many years of only minor updates (mostly my CV and a small change in the address) I finally rebuilt the site using Jekyll, which is both easy to use and seems flexible enough to do whatever I want. After two days it is up and running, including tags, less time than what I spent on the unsuccessful attempt in the intervening years. More ...

  • J-Link Internals

    J-Link circuit board
    In case you are curious, here is a picture of my Atmel SAM-ICE aka Segger J-Link board. More ...

  • Some Pictures of NXT Production Hardware

    Here are some pictures of the hardware of a production NXT.

    View of the top side of the NXT mainboard This is a view of the top of the motherboard. According to the schematics released by LEGO the part missing in the upper right was a battery current sensor on AD5. The black smudge at the square speaker connector covered an additional part in the speaker cable, a 10 Ohm resistor which is not in the schematics. I unsoldered it together with the speaker cable to get the LCD daughter board out of the way for photographing the motherboard. More ...

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