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Interests and Experiences
Embedded systems
I like working on embedded systems, in particular close to the hardware. I earn my living by programming them, and also play with microcontrollers and electronics as a hobby. At the moment I'm mostly using ARM Cortex-M controllers by NXP (LPC4357, LPC11C14, LPC812, LPC4088, LPC17xx).
Companies I've worked for
Siemens VDO, TÜV Nord, Delphi, Bombardier Transportation, Continental, Wincor, Cloos
Java, OSGi
Previously I worked on a car multimedia system in Java for Siemens VDO. In the interview they asked me a lot of questions about Lejos, where I was active from 2001 to 2006.
I have long experience as user, admin of my personal machines and a little bit as a kernel driver developer. I started using Linux at the end of 1992.
Programming languages
C, Java, Assembler, C++, Lisp, Python, Haskell, Caml, ...
Human languages
I'm quite fluent in german, english, french and swedish and know a few bits of italian, dutch and icelandic.
Research and university teaching
Logic, automated deduction, term rewriting: 2000-2003 LORIA, Nancy, France, 1991-2000 Max Planck Institute for Computer Science, Saarbrücken, Germany